Welcome to my blog. The current lockdown has inspired me to use this domain for something again which might as well be a blog. I'm a web developer living in Swanage who supports Southend United (hence the blue colours) and loves Oasis (and anything that sounds like Oasis).

This blog does not have a specific purpose. I might post some web development stuff but most of the posts will end up moaning about the misfortunes of Southend or they might go on about how amazing the latest band that I've found on Spotify is. It is a very simple setup at the moment but I will be adding stuff to this site (eventually) so stay tuned!

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Five of the Best WordPress Plugins

This is not a definitive list by any means but is a list of five of my favourite WordPress plugins. It is also an excuse to use this blog again. I am not promoting these plugins in any way - I just...


Must-have Tools For Web Developers

As a developer, there are many tools that I use on a regular basis that aid me in my work whether it's for productivity, communication or even motivation. Here's a list of the tools that keep me...


Album in review: Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

It's been twenty years since the Oasis album "Standing on the Shoulder of Giants" was released. In that time it's been slagged off by many people as well as Noel at times. Now I may be biased but as...


My dream line up for Southend United

You may not know it, but I support Southend United. I never talk about it or bring it up in conversation. For all you know I might not even like football... The above statement is false. It is...


Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to my blog! It's been a few years since I made use of this domain and I thought now that we're all in lockdown I might as well start a blog up again. This website is built on a...